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무역의날 대통령상 표창
영흥산업주식.. 2007-12-03 오전 10:50:27 4691

Mr. Park Hyun-Chae, the president of Young Heung Corp., Ltd. Was awarded a presidential testimonial on 30th Nov., 2007.


President Roh Moo-Hyun and over a thousand other dignitaries were on hand to celebrate The 44th Trade Day at the Convention - Exhibition Center in southern Seoul on 30 November 2007.


Roh presented awards to businessmen and companies that contributed to the nation's overseas trade.

Korea's trade volume in 2007 is expected to surpass $700 billion of which $360 billion is accounted for by exports, according to him. The figures are more than the double of those in 2002, he added.

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