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U.S. Department of Energy--Technology Spotlight
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Sensing a Change: Hydrogen Sensors Help Industry Improve Safety and Efficiency

Hydrogen plays a critical role in energy-intensive industries such as petroleum processing, chemical manufacturing, and utilities. The real-time measurement of hydrogen in processes can improve plant efficiency, potentially saving the user hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and providing a payback within days. Based on an ITP-sponsored technology, H2Scan’s solid-state, real-time hydrogen sensors (PDF 1.1 MB) improve plant safety by delivering reliable hydrogen measurement in process streams and in the detection of leaks. The sensors can be used to measure hydrogen levels in plant feedstocks, equipment, and products. Even in the presence of carbon monoxide, sulfur, and water vapor, these hydrogen sensors demonstrate high accuracy and response speed. H2Scan's sensors:



H2Scan's hydrogen ensors are available in a variety of configurations, including this hand-held sensor, which is being used to scan a hydrogen gas tank for leakage.

  • Provide in-line hydrogen-specific measurements over the 0.5% to 100% hydrogen concentration range by volume
  • Operate in process gas temperatures up to 212oF over a wide range of flow conditions, producing measurements in less than 30 seconds
  • Operate with or without oxygen
  • Are available in a number of configurations, including a hand-held portable leak detector, fixed-area monitoring system, and an in-line real-time concentration analyzer.

Since 2004, around 2,500 H2Scan units have been sold to more than 200 industrial and government customers. One customer using the sensors to monitor hydrogen in a gaseous refinery feedstock saved $250,000 annually. H2Scan’s hydrogen sensors are expected to play a crucial role in the developing hydrogen economy. Learn more about ITP's other Sensors and Automation R&D projects.

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H2scan Corporation Receives UL Certification on its HY-ALERTAT Area Hydrogen Sensors and HY-OPTIMAT In-Line Process Monitors
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